London Cloud a 'celebration of technology' for Olympics

As a resident, it seems to me that London has got quite enough clouds thangyewverymuch, but I think I could live with this one quite happily. Architects from MIT have designed one of the weirdest structures I've seen in a long time for the 2012 Olympics. Consisting of two 400-foot mesh towers with a bunch of plastic bubbles sat on the top, the structure would be used as an oservation deck and park.

Carlo Ratti, one of the MIT dudes, claims that the Cloud could be built for either £5 million or £50 million, ($8.3 or $83 million) and the money will be raised using micropayments — rather like the way Obama fundraised during last year's election. The design is inspired by Tomas Saraceno, whose work includes gigantic inflatable sculptures, and its supporters include Google.

Like the Beijing National Aquatics Center, the Cloud's "clouds" will be made from Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), and will act as habitable spaces, decoration and LCD projection screens. Professor Ratti claims the structure would be a "zero power cloud", with solar cells on the ground and within the spheres, and regenerative braking on the lifts. Although the Cloud is only one of a shortlist of buildings for the 2012 Games, my personal plea to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is: pick this one. Please! You can check it out some more in the video after the jump.

BBC Via Engadget