JetBib: Baby food, you're cleared for landing

Do you have an imaginative kid? Then don't get the Illuminated JetBib Feeding System, because all of the imagining is done for the little rugrat with this landing light-equipped bib and airplane spoon with a couple of flashing LEDs on each wing. Those blinkinlights on the bib are motion activated, assuring you that whatever that watery gruel is that you feed your offspring is cleared for landing.

This could be a big hit for Thanksgiving, but your toddler may wonder why everyone is laughing as you bark out realistic pilot jargon as you navigate your blinking, winged spoon in for a smooth arrival. Pilots will chuckle at that number 42 on the runway, impossible unless somehow there's a compass direction that's designated 420 degrees. More proof that this little feeding system is more for the entertainment of the parents than the wearer.

Think Geek, via Coolest Gadgets