Honda bicycle simulator teaches safety without all the scrapes

Some lucky folks in Japan will be able to learn about bike safety using Honda's fancy simulator setup you see above, rather than flying over their handlebars and developing forehead welts the size of golf balls. (Thanks, dad!)

While it looks like something you'd see in the corner of an arcade, the arrangement adds up to more than just a game. The system can simulate different conditions — demonstrating the danger of riding in the rain or snow, for instance — can detect when someone gets on or off the bike and allows the rider to see replays of her riding experience from multiple views, after she's all done.

Honda plans to install 500 of the units in schools and offices in the company's native Japan. We probably won't ever see it here in the States, though it's not like Japan hasn't surreptitiously slipped bike-ride-simulating gaming into the States before.

Via CrunchGear