Hitachi rolls out redesigned 2TB SimpleDrives

Hitachi leverages its groundbreaking 7200RPM 2TB internal drives with this spiffy enclosure, blasting out its 2TB family of SimpleDrive external hard disks. Drop $250 on this USB 2.0 drive, and you have yourself enough room for 500,000 MP3s.

Not only can you store a boatload of data on these babies, they don't look half bad, either. We can't help but dig that bluesy glow coming from the bottom of this enclosure, which contains a 3.5" drive. Hitachi tells us all of its 3.5-inch retail drives are now available in 2TB capacities.

And to think, we were astonished at the mere mention of a 40GB drive not too many years ago.

Via Hitachi