Google Dashboard displays your Google addiction

Is Google taking over the world? Well, now you can see how much it's taking over your world with the Google dashboard, listing each of the company's services you're using, information you've entered, and items you've shared. From this one location, you can delete data, change settings and generally manage all your Googleism.

We're big fans of the excellent Gmail and its contacts database, Google Calendar, Picasso Web albums, Google Voice, YouTube, and Google Reader, and appreciate the ability to keep track of them with this new dashboard. A huge drawback is the lack of a dashboard for Google Apps accounts (where you can use your own custom domain name), which is beginning to seem like a poor stepchild to Google when it rolls out new features.

We like the idea of controlling all of our Google activities in one easy to find location. Some of our buddies are really worried about computing in the cloud, and are particularly concerned about handing over their personal data and documents to Google. Not us. How about you, readers?

Google Dashboard, via Official Google Blog