Frolicat puts on a laser show for your, yep, kitty

It's not often that a gadget makes you think to yourself, "I wish Phoebe Buffay were around to see this. Frolicat* is a laser show for your furball friend that looks a bit like a bowling pin and, thanks to the clever juxtaposition of a red laser and a mirror, allows your cat to go batshit crazy round the house.

Retailing for $17.25 on Amazon, Frolicat has won a slew of awards at various pet expos (in full, Most Awarded New Product, Best in Show Cat Category — excellent punnage there, campers — and Best In Show Cat Category — ditto — in the Becker Best of Show by Marty Beckerzzzzzzzzzzz sorry, zoned out there, narcolepsy strikes again.) It's so cheap, I'm almost tempted to get one to see what my dog makes of it.

*Fro-li-cat, whaaaaat aaaare they feeding youuuuuuu?

Via Technabob