New fixie concept bike: ugly, and useless

No denying that fixed-gear bikes have a certain appeal, but this new stripped-down bike has little to make it appealing beyond the lack of a chain. There is so much wrong with this bike — where do we begin?

The geometry of this bike, designed by J. Ruiter (same guy?) is just bizarre. Unless you lean so far forward that you're leaning on your chest, how do you even pedal this thing? I hate to imagine what it would do to your undercarriage. Instead of pushing down on the pedals, you have to push back. Because your hip flexors are just so much stronger than your quads, right? Forget about even attempting to use the bottom of the pedal stroke for any power.

There's just no way that a wide squared-off saddle can be comfortable. I can't begin to imagine where the saddles sores will be. Ouch. It doesn't look like the seat height is adjustable. Does the purchase price include a trip to the knee doctor? Not to mention the lack of a chain. Makes for a simple drivetrain, but gear ratios exist for a reason. This thing is like a unicycle with handlebars.

Fixie bikes can be so beautifully elegant, but this one completely misses the mark. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Via CrunchGear