First intercontinental jetpack flight aborted

We love jetpacks, but they have issues — one of them being their relatively short range. Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy, known to the world as the non-superhero Jetman, got a reminder about those limits earlier today when he was forced to splash down into the Mediterranean Sea during an attempt to perform the first intercontinental jetpack flight. Both jet and man are apparently OK.

Rossy had seemingly figured everything out. His plan was to fly from Africa to Europe, rocketing from Tangier in Morocco to Tarifa in Spain, which is roughly a 23-mile journey — just a mile longer than his previous flight over the English Channel. Plus he started the stunt by jumping out of a plane, meaning he didn't need to expend the fuel it takes to get aloft.

Still, we have to give him kudos for attempting such a daredevil maneuver. Rocketing over the Mediterranean at 130 mph with a jet engine strapped to your back is just a cool thing to do, wherever you land. Rossy is said to be planning another attempt in the New Year.

Via The Telegraph