Casio EX-G1: world's slimmest toughcam

Waterproof cameras are great for the ski slope or running the white water, but they're always too bulky. Until now. Besides being the thinnest rugged camera in the world at just .78 inches, the Casio EX-G1 can take a hell of a beating — even if you drop it from 7 feet onto solid ground or dunk it into 10 feet of water.

Yeah, be careful with that shock-resistant claim, Casio — we have ways of putting that to the test (look what happened to the last big shot who said its product would survive similar rough treatment).

Besides all that toughness, we think this 12.1 megapixel shooter is pretty spiffy looking with its asymmetrical shape. It brings the performance, too, quickly ready to shoot from a standing start, giving you a clear view of the proceedings with its 2.5-inch viewscreen. Look for it in black or red next month for $300.

Check it out from various angles in our NEW gallery format!

Via Casio