Car Cam Dually records your car wreck from multiple angles

In car cameras that keep a visual record of where you drive are nothing new, but the Car Cam Dually adds a few new twists that make it much more useful for both innocent victims, and reckless driving defendants.

With two cameras instead of the normal single unit, you get to see what happened both inside and outside the car. This means you can have one view that shows the drunk running the red light, and another with your screaming face as you crash into them. The Car Cam Dually also measures the G forces of your impact, while a GPS logger will mark the exact location of the accident. All the gory details are stored on an SD card, so you can pop it into any computer to relive the experience.

The Car Cam Dually is available now, just in time for the holiday drunk driving season. It sells for $385.

Spy Gadgets, via Red Ferret Journal