Cadillac Converj electric car is for real, based on Chevy Volt

It turns out that the Chevy Volt is not the only electric car GM is working on. Using the Volt's same Voltec electric drivetrain, GM also plans to roll out the Cadillac Converj, which will reportedly look much like the original Cadillac Converj concept vehicle introduced last January, pictured above and in the gallery below.

GM's not talking publicly about its plans to build this gorgeous and posh electro-rocket, but the car's stats are said to be much like its Chevy Volt brandmate, except its interior will be all Cadillac'd up, fancy style. It's not just a pretty face and body, though, because the extended range electric vehicle can zip along at 100mph.

There's no word of when we might see this rakish road bauble hit the streets, or at what price, but it'll probably be available in a couple of years. If GM survives that long, that is.

Via Autoblog