Autocar test drives Top Gear's home-made electric car

Good morning! Are you awakening from your post-Thanksgiving night celebrations, and staring blearily at the carnage atop your dining table and the like? Well, you might want to spare a thought for this poor sap from British publication Autocar. His mission? To test-drive the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust electric car, as created by Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, Hamster Hammond, and James May.

How could anyone not doff their chapeau to a man who compares the home-made electric shopping cart car to a 911? (I am assuming he means a Porsche, but maybe he's talking about the emergency phone number.) Other great lines: "It actually does go, but I'm not sure how well it stops." And the rest? Oh, just watch the video and put off the great Black Friday tidy-up until later.

Via Engadget