Atomic nanny cam lets you spy with accuracy

The SecureShot clock looks like an ordinary cordless desk clock, but it hides two secrets. First, it uses the atomic clock to remain accurate at all times. If you let the batteries drain, it'll be accurate once you replace them.

The best part is the hidden thermal motion-activated spy cam — sort of a nanny cam. The camera senses body heat from up to 30 feet away, and claims there's no battery drain from the sensors when the system's in standby mode. Up to 20 hours of "high-resolution" 640 x 480 video can be recorded on a built-in SD card — it will continue for one minute after the sensor stops detecting a body. It will run for a year from the Li-ion battery on a single charge in standby mode. It's available here for $649. How much is your peace of mind worth?

So, not only can you spy on folks, you can spy knowing that the time stamp is accurate. Who will you spy on? Or who's spying on you?

Via 7Gadgets