Archerfish security monitors can send video alerts to your phone

The Archerfish Solo is a wireless security camera that the company is plugging as "the first thinking camera." That's because it can differentiate between, say, a passing car and someone trying to rob your house. The first would be ignored; the second would be recorded and sent to your phone by way of a video alert.

We were impressed by those video alerts, too. Demonstrated on an iPhone, each alert is labeled with information to quickly let you know what the video contains (a man stepping onto your porch, for instance), and all you do is tap the screen to play a video so you can see for yourself. All of the footage the Solo records is uploaded to a portal — and what it records is determined by you — which you can sift through later if you so choose.

The aforementioned portal is the meat and potatoes of the Solo's security monitoring system. There you can keep track of multiple cameras, search through the events the cameras capture to review, and set how exactly you want your camera to respond to said events (whether or not you'd like it to send you one of those video alerts, for instance). You can also save the footage from your Solo system on SD cards or DVR, meaning you don't need a computer to operate them (though you probably should have one to make full use of that portal). Each unit weighs less than six ounces, and comes with a kit so you can mount it outside.

Of course, this kind of security doesn't come cheap. Each Solo camera will cost a whopping $400 when they become available. It's also worth mentioning that the Solo system has a monthly fee tacked onto it for use of the portal. It's only $8 a month for the first unit, and then $4 for each Solo after that.

Via Archerfish Solo

CORRECTION: The pricing for the Archerfish Solo has been corrected. It was previously stated that it costs $8 per unit to hook up to the portal, whereas that only stands for the first Solo connected.