9h Capsule Hotel: micro rooms with mucho luxury

Could this be a trend? No sooner had we shown you a design concept for tiny sleeping booths in airports, than we heard about Japan's Design Studio S. It's the fanciest mini-room hotel yet. Three years in the making, the 9h Capsule Hotel is named that because you're supposed to only stay there nine hours, and each room is so small you can't even stand up in it. That's right, it's a capsule.

We made fun of these yesterday because they're more like file drawers in a morgue than hotel rooms, but at least the 9h has a Panasonic-designed panel with a sound system and mood lighting. Oh yeah, in a common area, you can take a shower, use its way cool locker rooms, and indulge yourself in a luxury lounge as well. There's no mention of price for this luxury compartment, but we like the idea of a tiny bit of luxury for a tiny bit of money. More pics of a room's interior:

Via Fast Company