Zoom Q3 camcorder rocks high-quality audio

This Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder is groundbreaking. Its claim to fame: it grabs high-quality audio with its two directional studio-grade condenser mics up top. The downside? It only records standard definition video. Sure, it's great to have HD video, but pros will tell you that amateurs always forget about the audio, which is a lot more important to the overall effect of a video than you might think.

The $249 Q3 has a built-in USB cable, giving you the same easy plug-in convenience as those Flip camcorders, and its 2.4-inch LCD display is just big enough and sharp enough at 320 x 240 pixels. Another nice touch: a built-in tripod mount on the bottom. We'd sure like to see 720p video coming out of this baby, and maybe the next version will include image stabilization. Now that's becoming more widely available, we're getting a review unit in here soon, so we'll let you know if this camcorder's sound lives up to its billing.

Via Samson Tech