Yanko Design opens online store

If you're into industrial design in a big way (and we certainly are), you're visiting Yanko Design on a regular basis. The site is a proverbial cornucopia of sleek and innovative products, imagined by designers — professional and amateur — around the world. Too often, though, a write-up of a product ends with the sad revelation that it's only a concept or has no distribution, and there's no word on when or where the item will ever be for sale.

That's changing. Today Yanko throws open the doors on its online store, a place you can actually buy some of the cool products you've seen over the years, like the Sorapot or this cool magnetic spice rack. There are only about 16 products in the store right now, but now that the word's out, expect that number to grow. We look forward to the day we can ride around on a Grasshopper bike wearing a Gladiator helmet while lighting up an Eolos pipe.

Via Yanko Design Store