Woo hoo! They're the world's most expensive headphones

Headphones are the hottest deal in high-end audio these days, so this weekend at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, there's a big separate section called CanJam dedicated to personal audio.

I got to hear a lot of amazing stuff, but standing above them all was the WES from Brooklyn's Woo Audio. This system uses a two chassis amplifier with EL34 vacuum tubes to drive a pair of Stax Omega SR-007 Mk2 electrostatic headphones, but weighing in at 40 pounds it's not exactly the sort of thing you're going to hook up to your iPod when you go out jogging.

I'd love to have one, but at $4990 for the amp plus $2100 for the Stax headphones, it's just a tad rich for my blood. Luckily, Jack Woo does however make amps starting at a mere $470 for the rest of us.

Woo Audio

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest