Ultimate proton pack for Halloween partygoer

A quarter-century after Ghostbusters hit the silver screen, it's still as iconic as a collosal Stay-Puft man thundering its way through Manhattan. Especially at Halloween. And if you're a man called Depot Devoid, the only way to go for your spooky costume is to think, "What would Venkman and Spengler wear?"

The Eugene, Oregon, resident upgraded last year's Halloween outfit with a seriously spanky proton pack (as well as swapping his blue coveralls for a pilot's flight suit) that does pretty much everything the original Ghostbusters' proton packs did — except, that is, slime evil ghosties. He used an Arduino, as well as a red and a green laser to simulate the streams. Don't cross 'em on Saturday, Mr Devoid!

Via Instructables