Switched-On synthesizer ringtones bring the '60s back to your phone

"If you can remember anything about the sixties, then you weren't really there," says Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane. Or, like me, you weren't born yet. Still, I can't appreciate a good synthesized diddy — well, we should really just call these blips. The Switched-On ringtones pack by RCP Tones will expand your ringtone options by 75 synthesized sounds using classic hardware. Moog, Korg, Roland, Gleeman — all the big names are there.

The pack itself is $4 off of iTunes or Amazon, and works with iPhones, Blackberries and any MP3-enabled phone. There are also links to some classic synth decks if you want to do some learnin', from the Minimoog to the Roland SH-1000.

RCP Tones, via Design Milk