Update! Sony VAIO X: 'world's lightest laptop' unofficial specs leaked

Ahead of the official announcement, the leaky ship that is Sony's PR machine wasn't able to keep the company's upcoming VAIO X under wraps. These aren't official specs for what Sony is calling the "world's lightest laptop," but I bet you they're pretty close.

Boy Genius Report says we can expect a 1.6-pound machine thanks to the carbon-fiber chassis that Sony is so fond of, an 11.6-inch LED widescreen, multitouch trackpad, SSD storage, 3.5 hours of battery life (or 14 hours with a "super-extended" battery) and Windows 7 standard. Unfortunately, it'll also clock in at the high price-point that Sony is also fond of at $1,500 to start, despite the lackluster 2.0GHz Atom Z550 processor inside. Then again, we were told to expect $2,000 before.

Again, bear in mind that this is not official in any way, but it should be very soon as Sony is set to unveil the VAIO X later this evening.

Update: Looks like you'll get your VAIO X on for $1,300 instead, and the 14-hour extended battery comes standard. The downside? You're still stuck with that slow processor and crummy integrated graphics.

Boy Genius Report, via Engadget