Simple concept is part-bike, part-car, and a leaner Beamer

Blimey — BMW isn't exactly standing still at the moment. As well as updating their C1 scooter and unveiling their Lovos concept car, the German car company has also been contemplating just what kind of vehicle will make the world happy in the future. And this is it: the Simple, or Sustainable and Innovative Mobility Product for Low-Energy consumption.

The concept, too, is simple: a two-seater car-slash-bike that corners rather like a snowboard or surfboard does (it's all due to the automatic tilting, apparently). The machine is the height of a Beamer 5-Series, but shorter than a Mini Cooper and goes 120 miles to the gallon. The only downside that I can see is that driver and passenger don't sit next to each other — rather, one goes in front and the other behind. One for Seven-Year Itch couples, I think.

Via Engadget