RAAL speakers fill your room with cylinders of sound

There's no shortage of ultra cool new high-end audio gear at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver this weekend. But one of my favorites is this radical omnidirectional speaker from Serbian manufacturer Raal Advanced Loudspeakers.

At first glance it's hard to tell where the sound comes out, but both cylinders have midrange drivers mounted at each end, while the output of a ribbon tweeter between the cylinders reflects off the aluminum surfaces for omnidirectional output. The third cylinder on the floor is the woofer. As you can see, the speakers are mounted on arms that look like a giant desk lamp, letting you position them in the ideal spot for perfect stereo imaging,

Once production starts in a few months, the speakers will be sold as a complete tri-amped system including all of the required electronics for around $4000. Very cool.

Raal Advanced Loudspeakers