PUFF! iPhone app gives Japan geeks their own Marilyn Monroe

We've been waiting for (dreading?) the wave of oddball Japanese iPhone applications that were inevitable due to the country's penchant for creating the amazingly bizarre from seemingly mundane Western conventions. The latest "only in Japan" invention for the iPhone app store is called PUFF!, a program that allows the user to blow up the skirts of women, Marilyn Monroe style (no worries, it's risqué, but basically safe for work).

Created by Tokyo-based iPhone and Android game developer BottleCube, the app translates the strength of your blowing action into the iPhone microphone into a virtual gust of wind that gives the onscreen character a brief moment of embarrassment. While this app may not help Japan decrease some of the rampant upskirt objectification of women in public settings, in the West this app might work better as humor, say in the realm of the iFarts of the app store. Now if we could just get the comedic American version of this app featuring "The Simpsons" Groundskeeper Willie getting the PUFF! treatment we might have another app store hit.

Via 3Yen