PETMAN the latest leggy lovely from Boston Dynamics

There's a tech firm called Boston Dynamics that is responsible for some pretty freaky military hardware — most notably, the famous BigDog. And this is their latest development: PETMAN, (note to readers: not to be confused with Le Petomane) a two-legged robot whose role has more to do with fashion than fighting.

Although you may think that PETMAN is one step on from those exoskeleton suits that beg one question — man, or automaton? — you'd be wrong. Unlike BigDog, PETMAN is merely a testing device for chemical warfare suits. It can trot at 3.2 miles per hour, even staying on its feet when shoved from behind, and also has the capacity to crawl and even sweat to order. Still in the Boston Dynamics labs for the moment, PETMAN is expected to have its fun in the sun in 2011.

Boston Dynamics Via Engadget