Package for AC/DC album contains a delightful surprise

This must be the ultimate box set: AC/DC's Backtracks package looks like a guitar amp. Looks can deceive, because the top of the box actually is a working 1-watt guitar amplifier. This mini-amp won't help you wake up the neighbors with a rousing rendition of "Back in Black," but still, it's a real amplifier in there. Try doing that with the ripoff iTunes LP!

This $199 box goes deeper than just its packaging — it's packed with delights for the serious collector or AC/DC fan. There are three CDs and two DVDs of rare tracks from the band, a 12-inch vinyl LP, and lots of memorabilia along with a 164-page hardbound book. And what's that on the back of the package? It's the original spray-painted AC/DC logo. Wow. Two more pics of this extraordinary package, after the jump.

AC/DC, via The Dieline