Blu-ray innovations on the way from Fox

Finally, someone steps up to improve the dreadfully useless BD-Live gimmick built into the latest Blu-ray players. Fox Home Entertainment cooked up a few ideas, implementing some of them in its upcoming Wolverine Blu-ray disc whose playback you see pictured above.

Our interest was piqued when we heard about faster load times, which would go a long way toward solving one of the most annoying problems with Blu-ray discs. But Fox will do this by loading most of content while you watch previews for other movies. Since previews are nothing but commercials for the studio, we'd rather just skip through those, anyway.

Here's one we liked, though: The disc downloads Internet Movie Database (iMDB) information you can access instantly. That means you'd be able to quickly find out anything about the movie or actors you're watching. Fox also plans to let you use your iPhone as a remote keyboard to facilitate your searching and reading, not bothering others in the room.

Worthy improvements all. Perhaps if all the other studios would follow suit, Blu-ray wouldn't be doomed to the ash heap of history just yet.

Slashfilm, via Gizmodo