NASDAQ combines apps and tweets for tech-savvy traders

NASDAQ has always been a technology-based exchange, and now it's showing that off with the latest iPhone app. NASDAQ, the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, applied for, and has been approved to proceed with the NASDAQ Portfolio Manager (QFolio), a free app that not only lets users view real-time stock data while the market is open, but here's the cool part. While looking at an individual stock, you can also look at all the latest tweets about that individual stock. These tweets are provided by StockTwits, a service that scans Twitter for any tweets with stock symbols.

Once into the StockTwits section of the app, you can fine-tune your search so you're only looking for tweets about options or futures or other detailed information.

Not that you necessarily want to get all your investment advice from Twitter, but getting some up-to-the-minute information, whether accurate or not, can't be a bad thing.

Via TechCrunch