Motorola Droid: Look out, iPhone

Could this be the next iPhone "killer?" If you think hardware is the secret to the iPhone's success, maybe. Here's the first good look at Motorola Droid, the much talked-about smartphone running Google's shiny, updated Android 2.0 operating system. It's only slightly thicker than an iPhone, but looky there — there's a slide-out keyboard and a 5-megapixel camera.

One thing's for sure: When this baby ships in the next few weeks, it'll be the best Android phone ever. Faster than any other Android phones, it'll run the same processor core as the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, the TI OMAP3430. Best of all, the boy genius who got his hands on this 3.7-inch-screened trinket says it has a sturdy build, an "awesome capacitive display," and is "the thinnest QWERTY slider we've ever seen." And hey, AT&T haters, it'll be on Verizon, maybe the lesser of four evils.

Could this be the phone that boosts the Android operating system into the top tier? If they could just add about 70,000 apps to the mix, it could be an iThreat. Take a look at Droid's teaser ad, after the jump.

Via Boy Genius Reports