Large Hadron Collider playing with particle beams to prep for colliding

Well, this is starting to get real, folks. After suffering massive setbacks in the wake of a catastrophic helium leak last September, CERN has started to warm up the Large Hadron Collider to prepare for its reactivation in November.

The test, run over the weekend, was hailed by CERN as a "a perfect functioning of the machine" as the group sent particles beams through two of the eight 2.2-mile-long sectors that make up the 17 mile ring of the LHC. No colliding yet — and there's still a lot of ring to test — but the idea of a fully functioning Large Hadron Collider probably has these guys really excited.

CERN will continue to test the rest of the sectors, at which point the LHC will begin firing fully circulating beams, and then — finally — start collidin' some particles.

CERN, via PopSci