LaCie's Philippe Starck hard drives are downright sexy

What, is it external drive day in the tech world? First we hear from Western Digital, and now LaCie brings style to the mix with a couple of aluminum external hard drives designed by Philippe Starck. Both the rounded LaCie Starck Mobile and the squared-off desktop model have a shiny, asymmetrical chrome front LaCie is calling "sculptured magma."

Whatever; we think it looks attractive. Who cares if they're fingerprint magnets? Just look at that LED that projects Starck's + logo on the table below. It's classic Philippe Starck, the designer who cranks out product after product that makes us weak in the knees. Besides their superficial design, if these drives are like other LaCie units, they're dependable and reasonably fast.

Pricing is not too bad for all that style: You'll drop $130 for a 1TB desktop drive, $250 for the 2TB model. The 320GB mobile drive is 100 bucks, with its 500GB sibling running $140.

Via Electronista