JVC PICSIO pocket cam captures image stabilized video, 8MP stills

Pocket cams like the Flip take great video on the cheap, but the video is nauseatingly shaky. JVC has entered the cheap HD camcorder business with three $200 PICSIOs that not only steady your jerky footage with image stabilization but snap 8MP stills.

Hopefully this image stabilization for pocket cams is a trend — the Kodak Zi8 also includes this oft-overlooked nicety. PICSIOs have an SD card slot, but no internal memory, and are equipped with a mini HDMI and USB jack. Videos are captured in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 .MOV files, and the CMOS image sensor means no interpolation to get full 8MP JPEGs. PICSIO also charge while connected to a PC via USB.

HD come in three colors: black, blue and "purple passion" (looks like pink to us).

Speaking of Flip, they just updated their VGA cams as well. You can now design your own shells, but they're only $50 less than JVC's HD PICSIOs.