Solar-powered Bluetooth headset from i.Tech adds noise-reduction

Blue goes green. i.Tech has come out with a solar-powered Bluetooth headset that will run practically infinitely with just a little bit of sunshine. The SolarVoice 908 has five hours of talk time and 140 hours of standby on a full charge, but it's easy to keep it charged. Just don't forget your sunscreen.

While Samsung came out with a solar-powered headset a while ago, the SolarVoice 908 adds advanced noise-reduction and the ability to connect simultaneously to two cellphones. It has exchangeable earplugs for a perfect fit, and a wired hook for a secure feel. While not exactly the best-looking Bluetooth headset, it needs a bit of bulk to give enough real estate to the solar panel.

For cloudy days, the 908 can be charged via USB and it comes with a handy cradle that you can stick on the dashboard of your car to capture the sunlight. It's currently available for about $67. The question is: do you buy this because it's green, or because it's just plain convenient? via Coolest Gadget