How you can start playing Dragon Age today

Everyone knows the first and hardest part of an RPG is rolling up your character, which includes difficult decisions like what class you want to play, whether to put that last point into strength or constitution, and that most difficult decision of all: your name.

Electronic Arts and Bioware will let you get all that stuff done for Dragon Age weeks before the game is out. If you sign up for their social-networking site here, you can download the character creator and then store your character online. Alternatively, just grab it straight from this link if you're not interested in crossing Dragon Age with Facebook. Either way, you'll be able to import your character directly into the game when it comes out next month.

The character creator not only gives you a thorough look at all of Dragon Age's skills and talents, but it shows off yet another one of those detailed face builders with sliders for nostril width, chin depth, and ear size. It also allows something that is completely unrealistic: women dwarves. I mean, seriously, Dragon Age? Everyone knows there was no such thing as women dwarves. There goes your credibility as a realistic fantasy game.

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