Hermes designs stumpy yacht for fat billionaires

You can tell by the headline that this $143 million yacht is giving me an attack of the green-eyed monster. It's a joint venture by French luxury goods manufacturer Hermes,and Wally, a Monaco-based shipbuilder* and, as someone who doesn't get particularly excited by outsize objects that float, even I am taken aback by her looks.

Known as the WHY 58x38 (her vital statistics, baby), the yacht boasts a 656-sq-foot Master suite and Spa that incorporates a Turkish Hammam, as well as the usual accoutrements of wealth — although there doesn't seem to be one of these on board. One thing I'm not sure that Herm and Wal thought through, however, is the location of the swimming pool. It's wrapped around the helipad, ensuring sunbathers get a healthy coating of oil as they tan.

*DVICE, giving you all the information so you don't have to ask "where's Wally?"

Via Daily Mail