Helicam R/C helicopter, for spectacular aerial shots

Mount your camcorder on the SkyShutter Helicam, and you'll get smooth helicopter footage that looks just as good as if you rented a full-sized chopper. This is no toy — the 30-pound copter can fly with a DSLR or camcorder weighing up to 6 pounds on board, and it has controls and a live video feed so you can tilt and pan the camera whichever way you like.

This $9000 electric-motored SkyShutter is a whole lot cheaper than the $3000/day rental cost of previously available mini camera copters, and if you're already able to fly an R/C helicopter, you're already halfway there. You'll usually need two people to run this thing — a camera operator and pilot — resulting in ultrasmooth aerial footage, shot in places no full-sized helicopter can go.

Check out the video to see the amazing results:

SkyShutter, via GizmoWatch