GlideTV Navigator: TV mouse, keyboard and remote in one tiny package

The GlideTV Navigator is supposed to make browsing through all that fancy schmancy net-enabled content televisions have these days a jiffy. Looking at it, it could also double as a bowl for chips in a pinch.

The Navigator itself won't have you typing — that's handled by an onscreen keyboard. It will give you the buttons you're familiar with from a remote, as well as a touchpad that'll let you navigate your television screen just like a computer's. The real benefit here is the amount of functionality you get without the clutter, as it all fits in the palm of your hand.

At $150, the Navigator be a little more expensive than you want to pay for a remote — especially if you already have something like a universal remote — but chances are this is the kind of thing you know if you need already if you find controlling your set a clumsy affair.

Via GlideTV