For sale: 31-man hovercraft, rocket launchers standard

Hey there, lovely readers. I found what I want for my birthday. If you guys and gals could pool together a measly $65 coughmillioncough, then me and 30 of you could crew this Excelsior Dawes hovercraft. Like roomy vehicles? This thing has room for 140 troops and three armored vehicles, able to haul up to 130 tons. Want security? Try two multiple rocket launchers and four portable air defense missile systems.

It's on sale from a company called Portland Yacht Sales, apparently. Pretty wild — I guess you really can find anything on the Internet. It was designed to land an attack force on an enemy shore, and for the aforementioned $65 million you could have your own floating bit of badassery yourself.

Tanks and shock troops not included. Check out more in the gallery below.

Portland Yacht Sales, via Uncrate, via Auto Motto