Finally, a robot that can fetch me a beer

From Japan's Vstone robotics company and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (or ATR) comes the Robovie-PC, a new hobby robot with a neat little trick: imitating your arm movements. It's all a little Robot Jox, what with the robot's arms moving around the same as your own thanks to a special pair of gloves.

The Robovie isn't just a 'bot with a gimmick, though, it's a serious $4,500 kit. The 15-inch-tall, five pound Robovie connects to your PC, has built-in camera sensors for eyes, features 20 degrees of freedom and — in the future — will be able to be decked out with modified gripper hands and limb extensions.

That's all well and good, and I'm sure there are some great uses for this guy, but really this 'bot only means one thing for me. I never have to leave my computer — I'll have a robotic servant to carry out my bidding instead. Getting a robot to grab you a beer (simulated in the artist's rendering above) is the only natural next step ever since we figured out how to train a dog to do it.

Via Plastic Pals