Connected Body Scale wirelessly sends weight data to web

Here's a bathroom scale like none other: the Withings Connected Body Scale measures your weight, fat mass, and lean mass, and then sends that data via Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) to your own personalized area of the company's website. We stepped on the scale to see if this expensive gadget is worth its weight.

It's easy to set up. After inserting four AAA batteries, we connected it to a PC (it works with Macs, too) via the included USB cable. We downloaded the Windings Pairing Wizard from the company's website, and within a minute, the scale was paired with our Wi-Fi network. After that quick setup, it's all wireless. It couldn't have been easier.

That's when the fun started. On the website, you enter multiple users, estimating their height and weight, and then this scale can recognize any of them, differentiating each by their weight. If the scale can't identify you correctly, it gives you a choice of user names, and you pick the correct one by tapping its icon with your foot.

Our brave model stepped on the scales, and you can see her results in the gallery below. We immediately noticed how easy this was going to be. There's nothing to it — you just step on the scale, stand there for about 15 seconds while the scale measures your weight and body fat, and step off. It turns on and off automatically. About a minute later, the data it collects appears on the password-protected Withings website, and stores that info over the weeks and months, giving you a useful graphic representation of your progress (or lack thereof).

Then there was another pleasant surprise: There's an iPhone app that also tracks the Connected Body Scale's data. It works similarly to the website, giving you graphs and data about your body's condition — perhaps even more than you really want to know.

At $159, this is one of the more expensive bathroom scales on the market, but it delivers the data to you with magnificent convenience. Its sophisticated web-based graphing and data collection software gives you a good look at exactly what's going on, a crucial part of any weight control program. The Withings Connected Body Scale is the best weight and fat monitoring device we've ever seen.