Elekit amplifier: sexy tube goodness

It's rare these days that a piece of electronics can make my knees weak. This stereo tube amplifier is from Elekit of Japan. They're known for producing DIY kits for audiophiles and well, do-it-yourselfers. This one comes already put together, so no worries if you're all thumbs with a soldering iron. CASE-REAL is the design firm behind the look, but as good as it looks, it's the electronics that makes the amp stand out.

This prototype has RCA inputs on the rear panel, a mini-plug jack to connect your favorite MP3 player, and has an output of 10-watts per channel. I know what you're thinking — why waste a tube amp on crappy MP3 audio? Simple. If anything can put some life back into your MP3 files, it's a tube amp.

Pricing and availability isn't announced yet, but some other Elekit tube amps start at about $400. What price would you pay for luscious tube goodness?

Gizmodo via CrunchGear