Don't tell Nintendo about these Wiimotes for the PS3

Console accessory-maker Blaze decided that Sony's official motion controller — already Wiimote-esque save for the ball attached to the end of it — wasn't Wiimote enough. The solution? Rip off Nintendo's wand controller wholesale and sell it as a PS3 peripheral.

Thus the Blaze PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller was born, which, as you can see from the shot above, looks like a Wiimote with a different paint job. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but you can check out the full press release from Blaze down below.

From Blaze:

The BLAZE PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller thrusts the PS3 gamer into the very heart of the action by employing the latest motion sensing technology which before now has only been the reserve of Nintendo Wii gamers.

This all new device opens up unthinkable gaming possibilities allowing you to interact and become one with the hottest PS3 sporting and action titles.

Sega Tennis becomes a whole new ball game when you use the new BLAZE controller to smash your opponent into submission, effortlessly and consistently firing deadly accurate backhands and meteoric volleys.

Take a big swing and drive your way to glory with the Tiger Woods Golf series. Put yourself on the virtual golf course when you use the Freedom 3D controller as your club of choice to send the ball home with pinpoint accuracy. Just remember, it's all in the hips!

The intuitive button layout allows easy navigation of all game menus with amazing familiarity, incorporating a directional D-pad, analogue stick and the full brace of controls found on the original PS3 control pad.

The BLAZE PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller has been ergonomically designed from the ground up to give superior gaming comfort when the going gets tough, ensuring you are in complete control no matter how full-on the game play gets!

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