Disney wants you to throw out your DVDs

Still holding onto that DVD collection? (If so — why?) Well, Disney doesn't think you need to anymore. Nope, all you need, according to the company, is its "Keychest." Well, and a television, computer, cellphone or that sort of thing.

So what's Keychest? It's a distribution platform being developed by Disney and Apple that makes it so when you purchase something — a movie being the easiest example — you'd be able to use that something over a variety of platforms. Buy Iron Man, say, and you could then watch it on your computer, television or portable what-have-you. That's because once you've made the purchase through keychest, you'll get a keycode that'll unlock said purchase.

If you think about it, it's a lot like a DVD, just a digital one. After all, you can use a DVD on any device capable of playing them, but — thanks to DRM — if you bought a movie on the Xbox Marketplace, you wouldn't then be able to turn around and magically play it on a different machine.

Disney isn't the first one to think of a cross-platform distribution method, though we're definitely pro any idea that shakes up the horribly insular nature of today's DRM media.

Wall Street Journal, via Engadget