Dell Adamo XPS laptop, even sexier in incremental reveal no. 3

Dell continues its media abuse with the next incremental tease of its spectacularly thin Adamo XPS notebook. This is tease number three of the upcoming product, begun on 9/9/09 with a demure side view, continued last week with an infuriating three-second flash, and now this.

Of course, we're playing along by showing you these two new views, revealing the mechanical workings of the 9.99mm-thick Adamo XPS that's about as thin as a laptop can get using current technology. We're especially intrigued by that offset hinge, unfolding the keyboard from the back of the screen, and standing up on its own.

Go ahead, Dell, take a trick out of the sleazy Apple playbook and lead the blogosphere around like sheep. Sex sells, and we follow. Disgusting.

Via Crave