Live update: Ares 1-X launch a success

Today's the second day NASA attempts to launch Ares 1-X, the experimental launch vehicle for NASA's Constellation program designed to get humans back to the moon and beyond. You can see the launch live here.

Yesterday's launch was postponed due to heavy cloud cover and high winds, but the weather looks better today. Good luck, NASA!

UPDATE 1: The weather's still not perfect, and there's a glitch now on the launch pad, but we'll keep an eye on it for you.

UPDATE 2: Now there's a group of clouds that could cause static (making the condition "red for travel electrification triboelectrification" -- thanks, Phil!), NASA is looking at a possible 11:20 ET launch.

UPDATE 3: Looks like the weather could be cooperating. If so, an 11:30 launch is a go!

UPDATE 4: Clear to launch, 4-minute countdown will start any time now.

UPDATE 5: Liftoff!

UPDATE 6: And now, the flight is complete, with the vehicle parachuting into the ocean as planned.

UPDATE 7: Individual camera angles of the launch are now being replayed here.