Brando slides spy camera into car keys

We all know that Brando is a watchword for objects that are both tacky and pointless. I'm talking about those slightly oddbod gadgets and bits of tech that make you wonder whether the company's slogan is: "Well, we thought it was a good idea at the time." And here's the the Hong Kong firm's latest offering: a spy camera in a set of fake car keys that records still photos, color video and audio.

The fake keys cost just $36 for the basic model, while the super-deluxe version includes an 8GB MicroSD car for $63. But you've got to admit, it's fascinating to see how the thought process of Brando product development must go: I reckon their R&D sector must consist of a burly ex-security guard who goes through the items in his pockets and thinks: "Hey, we stick a tiny camera in this and it'll be awesome."

Brando Via BoingBoing