Bonkers $900 motorized keyboard disinfects itself

A company called Vioguard has created a motorized keyboard that lives in its own little sterilizing-UV-light-shinin' box that kills germs while it's not in use. Need the keyboard? Waving your hand in front of an IR sensor will bring it out, so there's no button to get dirty.

Do me a favor: look down at your keyboard. When was the last time you cleaned it? I'm guessing never. Yet it's probably one of the dirtiest gizmos you own. It's not such a big issue for the home user, but compound that problem in places where a keyboard sees a multitude of different hands — or, like in a hospital, where it needs to be clean — and suddenly I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach.

And now do me another favor: look into your wallet. Don't have $900, huh? Me, either. A dirty keyboard it is!

Check out the video below for a demonstration.

TechFresh, via Geekologie