BlackBerry Storm 2 has better typing, Wi-Fi... too little, too late?

The Wall Street Journal published a review of the BlackBerry Storm 2, the sequel to the much-meh'd first version, which came out last year. While we saw some of the virtues of the original Storm's slightly weird way of responding to your fingers, others apparently didn't, and the Storm never went epic.

The Storm 2 apparently fixes this problem, with a revamped touchscreen that provides for "faster, smoother typing." Another welcome feature is Wi-Fi, though the browser is said to be inferior to browsers on the iPhone, Android phones, the Palm Pre — any other smartphone, really. Well that sucks.

The WSJ says to expect the Storm 2 "likely" in November for $200, but we can't say we'll be in line for one. Any BlackBerry users willing to give RIM a second chance on the Storm?

All Things Digital, via Engadget