Apple TV 3.0 software update on the way? (Update: download it now)

Apple TV, the forgotten digital video set-top box that can't play 1080p, might be finally getting an upgrade after nearly two years of languishing in the doldrums. While there's no word about a much-needed hardware upgrade, buried in Apple's newest iTunes Store terms and conditions are tantalizing hints about a possible version 3.0 update to Apple TV's software.

The update is said to enable Apple TV to use the overpriced iTunes LP content, and play iTunes Extra products with bonus materials and such, which are every bit as useless as they are on DVDs.

Too bad this long-overdue software refresh isn't accompanied by a hardware upgrade to keep Apple TV in line with even the cheapest net-connected digital playback units, making Apple TV even more of a laughingstock.

UPDATE: Turns out the Apple TV 3.0 software update is real. Besides the iTunes LP and Extras support, the user interface has been slightly updated and there's new Genius DJ playlists. Woop de do.

This is weird. Apple barely even mentions the update on its own website.

Via Apple Insider