Air Board: a really silly, really expensive way to get around

Think Segways are cool? You'll probably make the same mistake about the Air Board, too. Look, it's $14,000! Fourteen thousand! You could buy yourself a really nice (albeit used) car for that, and still have your integrity intact, too.

Just imagine I'm bitterly mumbling the rest of this: the Air Board stands four feet tall when assembled (and some assembly is required), requires gasoline, has a 1.3 gallon tank which it burns through in about an hour and it goes 15 miles-per-hour.

If you end up falling off, it also has a "kill-switch" that'll halt the vehicle. You won't have to watch your $14,000 mistake fly off a cliff. Oh, and no, it won't glide over water.

Opulent Gifts, via Like Cool